WiFi kill app

WiFi Kill APK v2.3.2 Download For Android (Hack WiFi On Android)

Are some devices continuously connecting with your Wi-Fi and extinguishing all of it. You must have felt angry and irritated because of this issue. Unauthorized Wi-Fi connection is always a problem when you are living in apartments or other closely constructed houses. When you have left your Wi-Fi open or if your neighbors get the hang of it, they think that it is everyone’s property. How to get out of this awkward problem? Keeping quiet is not going to help and telling on the face can get you nowhere it will only cause more awkwardness between you and your neighbors. But there is a way to get rid of the problem. Let’s see what that is.

There is an app called the WiFi kill apk that will block the access to use the Wi-Fi connection. This is a very effective app that will save you from the Wi-Fi connection thievery. Nobody can use the connection without your permit. It will grab and show you which device is using the connection and will put an end to it. You can get unlimited bandwidth so the devices using the Wi-Fi cannot enter into the WiFi kill app zone. It will ultimately put an end to all sorts of devices that use your Wi-Fi connection. You can download the app to your Android device.

Download WiFi Kill APK v2.3.2 For Android (Latest Version)

WiFi kill app
WiFi kill app

The pros of using WiFi Kill APK

  • It is the best android application that meritoriously kills devices that use the personal Wi-Fi connection. It removes all the devices that are linked with your Wi-Fi router. Therefore, you will be able to use your Wi-Fi to the fullest.
  • This app is very essential for an office environment as well. You will be able to avoid needless use of the Wi-Fi connection by the employees. Any outsider cannot profit from the office Wi-Fi, it will be fully used in the office surrounding.
  • The Wi-Fi kill app is a protector of all personalized Wi-Fi connections. Your Wi-Fi connection will not be wasted away by people who don’t own it. You will be satisfied to use the Wi-Fi connection that you are supposed to use when you set up the app in your android phone.
  • This app saves unwanted costs. No unwarranted use of WI-FI will prove beneficial to your home and saves you from paying for the Wi-Fi connection you don’t use fully.
  • It will positively protect your Wi-Fi connection from theft if you are not aware of its being used by another person.
  • The app will bar any form of device to enter and will not allow it to access your Wi-Fi connection.
  • There is no damage integration in this app. The app will not be harmful to your Wi-Fi connection. It will be like a wall that protects your Wi-Fi connection from the intruders.
  • The app helps you to increase the speed of the internet connection because it stops the number of users from using it. The app only allows the users you are allowing. That is why it fits the large office atmospheres.
  • The content used by the students in the school can be monitored by using the Wi-Fi kill app. The Wi-Fi kill app will give protection to the students from using the Wi-Fi without permission.
WiFikill APK
WiFikill APK

It will allow only limited users access that will save money and energy. These are the various advantages of the app that practically kills all the devices that are using the Wi-Fi connection. This is a forceful app that will automatically function to get rid of any intruders. If you set it one time, you are set for the lifetime. It will act ambitiously to do away with the stalkers. The stalkers of your Wi-Fi connection will not even know why they couldn’t get access to the connection. This is the easiest way to silence them because they didn’t even know that they are duped. Use this app to stop all forms of tricks and cons.

Download & Install WiFikill APK On Android

In the world of Android apps, the Wi-Fi kill app has a place of its own. It prohibits the peeping toms from using your Wi-Fi connection. This app is no longer in the play store because the authorities have decided that if it gets into wrong hands it will be misused. But it can be downloaded if you follow this method.


First, make your phone ready to download the app. Follow the steps given below-

  • Move to your phone settings.
  • Reach the option of the ‘application settings’ and to the option ‘unknown sources’.
  • You will be able to see a box there without the tick mark.
  • Tick the box.

Now you have made your mobile ready to download the outside sources. There will be a link to download the Wi-Fi kill apk file on the internet. You have to download the app and then keep the file as saved. Then you have to follow these steps to install it.

  • First of all, download WiFi Kill APK For Android from this link.
  • Open and install the application on your mobile.
  • You have to wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Then after the installation is complete launch the app to your phone.
  • The Wi-Fi kill app will ask you permission to root it. Accept the request.
  • If it does not process the fail message will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the play option if after the rooting. It will scan your area of the network. The first scan may take a few minutes.
  • You can see the available networks and devices in your area.

With this information, you will be able to successfully download the WiFi kill Apk on your phone. Though it is not available in the Google play you can get the app free from the internet. This is an app that must be only used for your profit and your home or office. This app will reap you many benefits when it is used for your welfare. Therefore utilize the Wi-Fi kill app and get many benefits. Thanks for visiting WifikillAndroid Keep visiting for more such posts!