Best Wifi Killer Apps For Android 2018 (Crack Any Wireless Network)

Wi-Fi killer apps are really necessary for a household or an office workplace because it kills the devices that are connected with your Wi-Fi connection. This app facilitates high speed for your network connection and only allows limited users to access the network. These are very useful apps that will help you to entirely benefit from your Wi-Fi experience. There are several Wi-Fi killers available for the Android devices. Some are not available on Google play but it can be downloaded from the link provided by the Wi-Fi killers’ official website. Now let’s see about the best Wi-Fi killers apps that are available for Android phones.

Best Android Wifi Killer Apps 2018 (Working)

There is an abundance of Wi-Fi killers for you to download but you have to see which has the features that will suit you. Some Wi-Fi killers have features that may not be palatable to your needs. Therefore you have to see which is agreeable to you. Here are some of the wifi killer apps for your notice-

  • Killer double shot pro

Killer double shot pro
Killer double shot pro

The killer double shot pro gives exceptional speed, amazing intelligence, and control over the wireless and Ethernet. It picks the network connection that has high speed (Ethernet or Wireless). It sends the highly important traffic to the interface. This will provide the highest priority traffic with the reliable link. The Killer technology makes the network stronger and faster. It identifies the latency of the network and uses it.

Killer DoubleShot Pro allows the utilization of the wireless and the Ethernet interfaces. This will enable the user to have the convenient bandwidth. Killer DoubleShot Pro provides the user with good speed because it allows the wireless and Ethernet to work at the same time that will provide maximum 2.783Gbps.

The Killer Control Center provides users with the control that is directly over the network interfaces with the easiest to use application. This is done because they will be able to customize priority and bandwidth for all the networks that are the priority. The Applications Page will showcase the users regarding the application traffic. The application traffic that is going to which interface will be displayed and they will also show how much apps are using the bandwidth. Some of the important things the killer pro does are-

  1. It detects the networked applications.
  2. It has the flair to change the applications traffic priority.
  3. It customizes the bandwidth for each application up and down.
  4. It has incredible speed.
  5. It is intelligent and clever.
  6. It takes maximum control of the network interfaces.

This is an Android tool that will disable internet connection on a device that is using the same is lightweight and has the advantage of the simple user interface. Anyone can use it without difficulty. It is user- friendly. It will kick out any unauthorized devices from your connection. Your device must be rooted to download the app. Your version of the android must be higher than 2.2. These are some of the requirements you should know about to download the app.

  1. You can download the app from the official link.
  2. Then install it in your phone and connect the device to your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open the Wi-Fi kill profile and then grant the root access to the app. you will then see a window.
  4. Tap the start button on the window and it will scan for networks. It will display the list of networks and the devices that are using it.
  5. If you want to disable the devices connected to the network select the ‘grab all’ button and then ‘kill all’ option.
  6. If you want to disconnect and kill a particular device tap on the device IP. Move and kill the device and it will put an end to its connection to your network.

It is the best net-cutter and Wi-Fi kill and Wi-Fi blocker. It will enhance your Wi-Fi signal and speed. It will assist your device to get the internet connection without being exploited by the stalkers and intruders. It is a fantastic Wi-Fi protector and Wi-Fi monitor. It helps in facilitating good signal as you can watch movies with your Wi-Fi without letting another identified person use your Wi-Fi. It allows you to detect the person who is using the Wi-Fi just by simply scanning the surrounding. Are you searching for a powerful Wi-Fi killer app? This is the best app for you.


Even if your phone doesn’t have a valid address you can use this Wi-Fi killer to block the other Wi-Fi users who are using your connection. The arcai’s network will work on ay device. You can cut off the network in any users within the LAN network. Set the one used as the network as the gateway then you have to cut off the other user’s connection. Then you can block the two users from contacting. These are some of the functions the app does to benefit you.

These are some of the Wi-Fi killer apps that will help you to block the peeping toms who want to get advantage from your Wi-Fi. Keep visiting WiFiKillAndroid For more such posts!