Bcmon APK

Bcmon APK v2.01 Download For Android (Official)

Bcmon apk is an android app that allows you to gain monitor mode on your smartphone. The monitor mode facilitates the computers with a network that is wireless. This monitor mode is added to the wireless network to get the access. With the help of the Bcmon app, you will be able to get the monitor mode working capably.

The rooted smartphones are the only devices that support the Bcmon app. Therefore if you have not rooted the phone before downloading the app then only it will install and launch in your phone. You will be able to root the phone with many rooting apps like Framaroot or Towelroot, they are known as the one-click rooting apps and they will enable the phone to root which will help you to install the Bcmon app. These two rooting apps are the best choice.

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Download Bcmon APK v2.0.1 For Android (Reaver APK)

The necessary app to download for assisting the Bcmon Apk file is called as the Reaver. It is an action guide for the Smartphones that supports the monitor mode system.

Bcmon APK
Bcmon APK

Features Of Reaver App (Bcmon Association)

  • It aids in the detection of WBS enabled routers
  • The Reaver settings are applicable to the simple to use GUI.
  • It functions properly to activate or deactivate the monitor mode when it is needed.
  • It does these functions automatically.
  • When the Reaver finds WAP key it provides a very easy way to connect.
  • It supports the script externally.

The way to download the Reaver apk file

It is simple and easy to download and install the Reaver Apk. You can do this without taking much time and can complete the process quickly.

  1. You need to download the Reaver APK from a link that will be available on the website from that link you can get the means to download the file.
  2. Do not stop the installation process by canceling it. If you wait for a few minutes the file will download.
  3. After the download process, you have to save the downloaded file and click on the install button to begin the process of installation.
  4. If it is not installing check whether you have changed the phone settings into allowing the unknown sources to be installed in your phone.
  5. The Reaver app will be successfully installed in your phone now. Then launch it for using it.

Now the Reaver app is downloaded and installed. Now you have to download the main app Bcmon. Let’s see how to go about it.

How to download the Bcmon app?

You have to do a kernel compilation before downloading the app Bcmon. Many users experience difficulty during the time of kernel compilation. The Bcmon app is being developed to stop this difficulty for the users are facing this problem. You can now download the Bcmon without the kernel modification. So there is a solution to download it. It works on the different versions of Android.

Download and Install the Bcmon application on your Android. There are many methods to download and install Bcmon Apk but you have to follow the following steps to download it. These steps are easier than the other methods.

  • First of all download Bcmon Apk file from the link in its official website.
  • The download will process for some time.
  • When it is downloaded completely click on the install option to begin the process.
  • You have to enable the settings in your Android to enable the download of unknown sources then only the app will get access to install and launch in your phone.
  • Now the Bcmon will be automatically downloaded to your Android phone.

Run the Reaver apk for Android

Run the Reaver app in your mobile for it to help in the functioning of the Bcmon app.

  • After the download and installation of the Reaver its time to use it.
  • Now run the Bcmon after the running the Reaver app.
  • If the app runs properly start the RFA.
  • Select a WPS and allow the router to act by clicking the option ‘test monitor mode’.
  • When you complete this process you are now ready to use Reaver or RFA.

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In this method, you can permit and run Bcmon and Reaver Apk file on your smartphone. Was it not easy and simple to do? Then use it and benefit from its many features. You will certainly feel satisfied with the Bcmon app.

Bcmon Apk file is very safe and secure to use in your smartphone. It is free of malevolent viruses which may be very harmful to your device. It is free of viruses like Trojans, Malware, Worms and Spyware and its kind. Use the Bcmon app to get the Monitor mode on your smartphone. You don’t need to worry about any kind of harm because it is safe and also very easy to use. Keep visiting WiFiKillAndroid For more such posts!

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